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Supplementary Report

The Ag Chem Supplementary Report provides a six-monthly update to the New Compound Review to keep you fully informed of progress in Research and Development.

Depending on activity in the period following publication of the Review, the Supplementary Report may contain data on up to 50 of the newest agricultural chemical compounds in very early development.

Due to the sensitivity of some of the information, the Supplementary Report is available only to subscribers of the New Compound Review and which are companies or individuals with a known major interest this area. Agranova also requires the purchaser to agree to maintain the data contained in the report on a confidential basis.

The Supplementary Report is published annually during Sept - Oct and includes:

  • Data on up to 50 of the newest agricultural chemical compounds in very early development
  • Compounds not disclosed in the April Review either at the request of the inventing company or which were identified after the Review went to press
  • On average, 85% of the new leads are chemical and 15% are biological actives
  • A section on new compounds put on hold or discontinued from further development in order to provide subscribers with a complete global inventory on the current status of all new compound activity


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