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Crop Protection Actives

Crop Protection Actives is, without a doubt, an indispensable database for every commercial manager within the industry. No other commercially available resource comes even close to Crop Protection Actives in terms of breadth of information, value for money, reliability and simplicity of operation.

Unfortunately, Agranova's access to affordable sales data, used in preparing this database, has now been discontinued by its ex-associate. The database will be maintained until the end of 2023, by which time its value will be severely reduced.

In Crop Protection Actives, Agranova provides a powerful database of essential information on commercial agrochemical compounds. Containing more than 650 profiles, it presents technical and commercial information on all the world's currently available crop protection actives.

Four main subscreens provide an interactive data-access interface to information across the following areas:

  • Active ingredient consumption rankings for the previous calendar year
  • Technical profiles
  • Commercial and regulatory information
  • Market summaries


Current clients:
Brochure/order form (.pdf)

New clients:
Brochure/order form (.pdf)

In addition to comparative data, the database provides rounded profiles for all agrochemical active ingredients in use over the past 10 years including sales volumes and prices. Four information-packed screens present:

  • Active ingredient ranking by sales. This screen is also an interactive active ingredients index that enables quick access to the individual a.i. profiles:
  • Commercial and regulatory information summary: Ex-factory price estimates, crop sector usage breakdown (where available, for up to 12 key crops) and regulatory status in the EU, USA and China.
  • End-user sales and consumption data from 1998 to the present (i.e the previous calendar year), where available, presented graphically for easy reference and with sales (US$mn) and volume (metric tonnes) figures
  • Technical profiles: including common and brand names, developer, structure, applications, usage etc

On-line access is available by subscription which enables the purchaser the ability to access the database from any internet-linked computer without the need for additional programs.

Existing clients will be charged a maintenance fee during 2020-2023.

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