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Global Herbicide Directory Index


a year 2001 listing of all commercial and experimental
herbicidal, bioherbicidal, safener, PGR and related actives used in agriculture

(from the Global Herbicide Directory, 3nd. Edn., CD-ROM version)
© 2001 Agranova

Each compound which has a profile in the current edition of the Global Herbicide Directory is listed below by discovery (or current rights-owning) company. Non-proprietary biologicals are listed under Company='Biological'. For many older (but still commercially available) actives, we cannot supply a reliable commercialisation year.
To find a particular item in the list, we recommend using the Find feature available in your browser.

No data is provided below regarding type of activity - for this, and if you are looking for discontinued compounds (Status=D, X), we suggest you try our more exhaustive (free!) Ag Chem Base Index, which also contains recent experimentals.

Company Status Commln.
Common name(s) Trade name(s) Experimental Code(s)
Cochliobolus lunatus RR
Setosphaeria sp cf rostrata
Agro Kanesho C
quinoclamine (herb) MOGETON G 06K (herb)
Applied Biochemists C 1998 copper complexes CLEARIGATE
Asahi Chemical C 1996 sodium nitrophenolate ATONIK PNP
Aventis C 1953 2,4-D WEEDONE WEEDAR
Aventis C 1947 2,4-DB BUTYROL BUTOXONE M&B 2878
Aventis C 1953 2-(1-naphthyl)acetamide AMID-THIN NAD
Aventis C 1953 2-(1-naphthyl)acetic acid FRUITONE-N NAA
Aventis C 1935 4-indol-3-ylbutyric acid CHRYZOSAN IBA
Aventis C 1983 acifluorfen-sodium TACKLE MC-10978 BAS 9048H RH-6201
Aventis C 1990 aclonifen BANDUR CHALLENGE CME-127 KUB 3359
Aventis C 1993 amidosulfuron ADRET GRATIL GRODYL EAGLE HOE 75032 AE F075032
Aventis C
Aventis C 1989 anilofos AROZIN RICO HOE 30374
Aventis C
asulam ASULOX ASILAN MB 9057
Aventis C
Aventis C 1988 benfuresate CYPERAL MORLENE NC-20484 NS-112
Aventis C
bifenox MODOWN MC-4379
Aventis C
bromoxynil BROMINAL BUCTRIL MB 10064 MB 10731
Aventis C
butralin TAMEX AMCHEM 70-25 AMCHEM A820
Aventis C
carbetamide CARBETAMEX LEGURAME RP-11561
Aventis C 1958 chloramben AMIBEN ACP M-629
Aventis C 1945 cloprop FRUITONE 3-CPA
Aventis C 1995 cyclanilide FINISH RPA-90946
Aventis C
desmedipham BETANAL AM BETANEX SN-38107 EP-475 ZK 14494
Aventis C 1945 dichlorprop DESORMONE REDIPON 2,4-DP RD-406
Aventis C
diclofop-methyl HOEGRASS HOELON ILLOXAN HOE 23408
Aventis C 1989 diflufenicam COUGAR JAVELIN MB 38183 M&B 38544
Aventis C
dikegulac sodium ATRIMMEC Ro 07-6145
Aventis C
Aventis C
dinoterb HERBOGIL LS-63133 P 1108
Aventis C
Aventis C 1980 ethofumesate NORTRON TRAMAT PROGRASS TRAMAT ETHOSAT NC-8438 SN-49913 AE BO49913
Aventis C 1998 ethoxysulfuron SUNRICE SUNSTAR TOPRAN HOE 095404 HOE 404
Aventis C 1990 fenoxaprop-P-ethyl SUPER WHIP OPTION SUPER EXEL SUPER HOE 46360 AE F046360
Aventis C 1997 flurtamone NIKEYL BACARA BENCHMARK BIZON RP-40885 RE-40885
Aventis E
foramsulfuron HUSAR AEF 130360
Aventis C 1985 glufosinate-ammonium BASTA IGNITE LIBERTY HOE 39866 AE F035956
Aventis C 1999 iodosulfuron-methyl sodium triofensulfuron (rej.) HUSAR AE F115008
Aventis C
ioxynil ACTRIL CERTOL BANTROL ACP 63-303 MB 8873
Aventis C
isoproturon ALON ARELON BELGRAN HOE 16410 LS-691299 35689RP
Aventis E
isoxachlortole RPA-201735
Aventis E
isoxadifen difenoxaline (rej) AE F129431 AE F122006
Aventis C 1998 isoxaflutole BALANCE MERLIN ACAJOU LAGON CONVERGE RP-201772
Aventis C
linuron AFALON HOE 2810 AE F002810
Aventis C 1953 mecoprop MECOPEX MCPP RD 4593
Aventis C 1997 mefenpyr-diethyl HOE 107892 AEF 107892
Aventis E
mesosulfuron (p) amosulfuron (p) AE F130060 AE F154851
Aventis C
monolinuron ARESIN HOE 2747 AE F002747
Aventis C 1996 oxadiargyl RAFT TOPSTAR RP-20630
Aventis C
oxadiazon RONSTAR FORESITE RP-17 62312
Aventis E
oxaziclomefone axaziclometone (rej.) SAMOURAI HOMERUN THOROUGHBRED TREDY MY-100
Aventis C
phenmedipham BETANAL SN-38584 ZK 15320 EP-452
Aventis E
pyraclonil pyrazogyl (rej) AEB 172391
Aventis C 1983 thidiazuron DROPP SN-49537
Aventis C 1958 trietazine REMTAL NC-1667
Barrier Animal Health-Care E
citronella oil
BASF C 1990 aclonifen BANDUR BANDREN CME-127 KUB 3359 LE-84493
BASF C 1999 Bacillus cereus BPOI PIX PLUS
bentazone BASAGRAN BAS 351H
chloridazon pyrazon PYRAMIN BAS 119H
chlormequat chloride CYCOCEL BAS 062W AC 38555
chlorthiamid WL-5792
BASF C 1999 cinidon-ethyl BINGO LOTUS ORBIT SOLAR VEGA BAS 615005 BAS 615H
BASF C 1992 cinmethylin ARGOLD CINCH WL-95481 SD 95481 SKH-301
BASF C 1989 cycloxydim FOCUS LASER STRATOS BAS 517
BASF C 1953 dalapon-sodium
dichlorprop-P DUPLOSAN DP BAS 04418 AHM867
BASF C 1983 difenzoquat-metisulfate AVENGE FINAVEN AC 84777 CL 84777
BASF C 1994 dimethenamid FRONTIER CENTURY SAN-582H BAS 656 02H BAS 656 07H
BASF C 2000 dimethenamid-P S-dimethenamid FRONTIER X2 FRONTIER S SAN-1289 H 720 BAS 656H
BASF C 1987 flamprop-isopropyl BARNON SUFFIX-425 WL-29762
flamprop-M-isopropyl BARRON PLUS SUFFIX BW WL-17713 CL 901444
flamprop-M-methyl MATAVEN CANCER SD 29761 WL-43423
flurenol ANTEN EMD-IT-3233
BASF C 1987 imazamethabenz-methyl ASSERT DAGGER AC 222 293 AC 239 589 AC 252 767
BASF C 1997 imazamox RAPTOR SWEEPER ODYSSEY BOLERO AC 299 263 CL 299263
BASF C 1996 imazapic imazamethapyr (rej.) CADRE PLATEAU AC 263 222 CL 263222
BASF C 1985 imazapyr-isopropylammonium ARSENAL ASSAULT AC 252 925 CL 252925
BASF C 1986 imazaquin SCEPTER IMAGE AC 252 214 CL 252214
BASF C 1989 imazethapyr PURSUIT PIVOT AC 263 499 CL 263499
BASF C 1987 lactofen COBRA PPG-844
mecoprop-P DUPLOSAN KV BAS 03729H
BASF C 1983 mepiquat chloride PIX BAS 083W
BASF C 1993 metazachlor BUTISAN-S BAS 2903 BAS 479H
pendimethalin PROWL STOMP HERBADOX AC 92553
picolinafen (p) PICO AC 900 001 CL 900 001
BASF C 1998 profoxidim (p) clefoxidim (rej) AURA TETRIS BAS 625 H
BASF C 2000 prohexadione-calcium MEDAX APOGEE BASELINE BAS 125W BAS 9054W
BASF C 1991 quinclorac FACET BAS 514H
BASF C 1999 tepraloxydim caloxydim (rej.) ARAMO NETO AURA EQUINOX BAS 62000H BAS 620H
Bayer E
amicarbazone BAY MKH 3586
Bayer C 2000 fentrazamide LECSPRO LECS BAY YRC 2388 NBA 061
Bayer C 2000 flucarbazone-sodium EVEREST BAY MKH 6562
Bayer C 1998 flufenacet fluthiamide (rej.) thadiazolamide(rej.) thiafluamide (rej.) CADOU DRAGO TIARA BAY FOE 5043
Bayer C 1987 mefenacet HINOCHLOA RANCHO BAY FOE 1976 NTN-801
Bayer C
metamitron GOLTIX BAY DRW 1139 BAY 134028
Bayer C
methabenzthiazuron TRIBUNIL BAY 74283 S 25128
Bayer C
metribuzin SENCOR SENCOREX BAY 94337 DIC 1468
Bayer C 1987 N-phenylphthalamic acid NEVIROL
Bayer C 2001 propoxycarbazone (p) procarbazone (rej.) ATTRIBUT (EU) OLYMPUS (USA) BAY MKH 6561
Bayer C 1993 sulcotrione chlormesulone (rej.) GALLEON MIKADO ICI-A0051 SC-0051
Bayer C 1965 tribufos DEF 6 Chemagro B-1776
Biological C
Agapeta zoegana
Biological C
Agrilus hyperici
Biological C
Aphthona spp.
Biological C
Apion spp.
Biological C
Bangasternus orientalis
Biological C
Ceuthorhynchidus horridus
Biological C
Ceutorhynchus litura
Biological C
Chrysolina quadrigema
Biological C
Coleophora spp.
Biological C
Ctenopharyngodon idella
Biological C
Hyles euphorbiae
Biological C
Larinus planus
Biological C
Leucoptera spartifoliella
Biological C
Longitarsus jacobaeae
Biological C
Microlarinus spp.
Biological C
Oberea erythrocephala
Biological C
Phrydiuchus tau
Biological C
Rhinocyllus conicus
Biological C
Sphenoptera jugoslavica Chilostetha jugoslavica
Biological C
Spurgia esulae
Biological C
Tyria jacobaeae
Biological C
Urophora spp.
Biological C
Zeuxidiplosis giardi
Biotechnologies for Horticulture E
1-methylcyclopropene ETHYL BLOC 1-MCP
Buckman Laboratories C 1996 Glomus intraradix BURIZE
Budapest Chemical Works C 1995 ethoxyfen-ethyl BUVIREX HC-252
CAMAS Technologies E
Macalayea extract QWELL
Celgro E
Cerexagri E
FLAIR TD-2335-02
Cerexagri C 1951 chlorpropham CIPC DECCO 276 EC
Cerexagri C 1960 endothal AQUATHOL ACCELERATE
Chemol Trading E
ethoxyfen HC-252A
Chugai Pharmaceutical C 1988 inabenfide SERITARD CGR-811
Color Chemical (Japan) E
Crompton Corporation C
daminozide ALAR B-NINE B-995
Crompton Corporation C 1983 dimethipin HARVADE N 252 R-452 UBI-N-252
Crompton Corporation C 1949 maleic hydrazide MH
Crompton Corporation C
N-m-tolylphthalamic acid DURASET TOMASET N-m-T
Crompton Corporation C 1949 naptalam-sodium ALANAP
DNA Plant Technology Corp. C 1993 Pseudomonas fluorescens FROST BAN A, B, C, AGS 3003-6 AGS 3001-2
Dow AgroSciences C 1950 4-CPA PCPA
Dow AgroSciences C 1991 acetochlor RELAY WINNER SUPASS TROPHY ICI-A5676
Dow AgroSciences C
ancymidol A-REST EL-531 69231
Dow AgroSciences C
benfluralin benefin BALAN EL-110
Dow AgroSciences C 1977 clopyralid 3-6-DPA LONTREL STRINGER RECLAIM MATRIGON CYRONAL Dowco 290
Dow AgroSciences C 1997 cloransulam-methyl FirstRate XDE-565 DE-565
Dow AgroSciences C 1996 cyhalofop-butyl CLINCHER DE-537 DEH-112 XDE-537
Dow AgroSciences C
Dow AgroSciences C 1998 diclosulam STRONGARM SPIDER XDE-564
Dow AgroSciences C
ethalfluralin SONALAN EL-161
Dow AgroSciences C 1999 florasulam PRIMUS BOXER DE-570 XDE-570
Dow AgroSciences C 1994 flumetsulam BROADSTRIKE PRESIDE SCORPION DE-498 XRD-498 DH-105
Dow AgroSciences C 1984 fluridone SONAR EL-171
Dow AgroSciences C 1985 fluroxypyr STARANE ADVANCE Dowco 433 DOW-43300-H
Dow AgroSciences C 1986 flurprimidol CUTLESS EL-500
Dow AgroSciences C
haloxyfop-etotyl GALLANT Dowco 453EE
Dow AgroSciences C 1989 haloxyfop-methyl VERDICT Dowco 453ME
Dow AgroSciences C 1995 haloxyfop-P-methyl ELOGE GALLANT SUPER DE-535 Dowco 535
Dow AgroSciences C 1984 isoxaben benzamizole FLEXIDOR GALLERY EL-107
Dow AgroSciences C 1994 metosulam ECLIPSE UPTAKE PRONTO BARKO DE-511 XDE-511
Dow AgroSciences C 1995 nonanoic acid pelargonic acid (PGR) SCYTHE THINNEX MYX-6121 MYX-4801
Dow AgroSciences C 1980 oryzalin SURFLAN RYZELAN DIRIMAL EL-119
Dow AgroSciences E
penoxsulam (p) DE-638 XDE-638 XR-638 X638177
Dow AgroSciences C
Dow AgroSciences C 1947 TCA-sodium
Dow AgroSciences C
tebuthiuron SPIKE PERFLAN EL-103
Dow AgroSciences C 1980 triclopyr GARLON TRIDENT (herb) Dowco 233
Dow AgroSciences C
trifluralin TREFLAN L-36 352 EL-152
Du Pont E
Du Pont E
Du Pont C 1945 ammonium sulfamate IKURIN SULFAMATE
Du Pont E
Du Pont C 1997 azimsulfuron GULLIVER AZIN DPX-A8947 JS-458 IN-A8947
Du Pont C 1988 bensulfuron-methyl LONDAX DPX-F5384
Du Pont C
bromacil HYVAR X DUPONT 976 DPX-N976
Du Pont C 1986 chlorimuron-ethyl CLASSIC DPX-F6025
Du Pont C
chlorsulfuron GLEAN TELAR DPX-4189 W4189
Du Pont C
cyanazine BLADEX FORTROL WL-19805 SD 15418 DW 3418
Du Pont C 1951 diuron KARMEX DPX-14740
Du Pont C 1991 ethametsulfuron-methyl MUSTER DPX-A7881
Du Pont C 1951 fenuron PDU GC 2603
Du Pont C 1995 flupyrsulfuron-methyl LEXUS DPX-KE459 JE138 IN-KE459
Du Pont C
fosamine-ammonium KRENITE DPX-1108
Du Pont C
hexazinone VELPAR DPX-3674
Du Pont C
Du Pont C
linuron LOROX DUPONT 326 DPX-Z326
Du Pont C
metribuzin LEXONE DPX-G2504
Du Pont C 1986 metsulfuron-methyl ALLY ALLIE DPX-T6376 DPX-6376
Du Pont C 1951 neburon KLOBEN
Du Pont C 1992 nicosulfuron ACCENT DPX-V9360
Du Pont C 1996 pyrithiobac-sodium STAPLE DPX-PE350 KIH-2031 KIH-8921
Du Pont C 1988 quizalofop-P-ethyl ASSURE II DPX-79376
Du Pont C 1993 rimsulfuron TITUS DRAGSTER MATRIX CATO TAROT DPX-E9636 E-9636
Du Pont C
siduron TUPERSAN DUPONT 1318
Du Pont C 1984 sulfometuron-methyl OUST DPX-5648
Du Pont C
terbacil SINBAR DUPONT 732
Du Pont C 1988 thifensulfuron-methyl thiameturon-methyl HARMONY PINNACLE DPX-M6316
Du Pont C 1991 tribenuron-methyl EXPRESS GRANSTAR CAMEO DPX-L5300
Du Pont C 1994 triflusulfuron-methyl SAFARI UPBEET DEBUT DPX-66037 IN-66037
Eco Soil Systems E
Xanthomonas campestris pv poa annua XCP BIO HERBICIDE
Eden Bioscience Corp. C 2000 harpin MESSENGER
Emerald Bio Agriculture C 1998 glutamic acid AUXI GRO GABA
Encore Technologies E
Colletotrichum gloeosporioides BIOMAL COLLEGO MALLET
Exelixis Plant Sciences E
brassinosteroids brassinolides BUMPER BOUNTEE COMBINE DOUBLE
Fleming Labs E
arsanilic acid
benzfendizone FMC 143686 F 3686
FMC C 1997 carfentrazone-ethyl AIM AFFINITY AURORA PLATFORM F 8426 FMC 116426
FMC C 1986 clomazone fenoxan COMMAND GAMIT GAMUT COLZOR FMC-57020 F 57020
FMC C 1996 sulfentrazone AUTHORITY BORAL CAPAZ F 6285 FMC 97285
Generic C 1939 (2-naphthyloxy)acetic acid BETAPAL
Generic E
1,4-DMN 1,4-SIGHT
Generic C 1952 2,3,6-TBA HC-1281
Generic E
6,7-dimethoxycoumarin scoparone
Generic C 1955 acrolein MAGNACIDE
Generic C
chlorphonium chloride PHOSFLEUR
Generic C 1985 cyanamide ALZODEF
Generic C 1945 decan-1-ol
Generic C
Generic C
dimethylarsinic acid cacodylic acid PHYTAR DMAA
Generic C
dinitramine COBEX USB-3584
Generic C 1932 DNOC (herb) DNC
Generic C
ferrous sulphate
Generic C
Generic C
indol-3-ylacetic acid IAA AIA (in France)
Generic C 1983 mefluidide EMBARK MBR-12325
Generic C 1910 sodium chlorate DERVAN SOCHLOR
Generic C
sulphuric acid BOV
Generic C 1985 zeatin CYTEX
Hieracium Trust E
Cheilosia psilophthalma
Hieracium Trust E
Cheilosia urbana
Hieracium Trust E
Macrolabis pilosellae
Hodogaya C 1994 etobenzanid benzchlomet HODOCIDE HW-52
Hokko E
Hokko C
MCPA-thioethyl HERBIT HOK-7501
Hybrinova C 1994 sintofen ACHOR CROISOR SC-2053
Idemitsu Kosan E
triaziflam dimesyflam (rej.) IDETOP IDH-1105
Isagro-Ricerca E
IR 5878
Isagro-Ricerca C 1983 folcisteine ERGOSTIM ERGOVIT
Isagro-Ricerca C
tiocarbazil DREPAMON M-3432
Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha (ISK) C
chlorthal-dimethyl DACTHAL DAC 893
Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha (ISK) C 1996 flazasulfuron SHIBAGEN SL-160 OK-1166
Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha (ISK) C 1984 fluazifop-butyl FUSILADE MACHO UNO SUPER SL-236 IH-773B TF-1169
Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha (ISK) C 1956 methylarsonic acid, monosodium salt MSMA ANSAR DACONATE MSMA
Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha (ISK) C 1995 nicosulfuron NISSHIN MILAGRO SL-950 MU-495
Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha (ISK) C 1986 pyrazoxyfen PAICER SL-49
J B Chemicals C 1986 triacontanol melissyl alcohol JEEVAN CROP BOOSTER
Japan Tobacco E
Epicoccosirus nematosorus JTH-103
Japan Tobacco E
Exserohilum monoceras JTH-102
Japan Tobacco E
Nimbya scirpicola
Japan Tobacco C 1996 nonanoic acid pelargonic acid (PGR) GRANTRICO JT-101
Japan Tobacco C 1997 Xanthomonas campestris pv poa annua CAMPERICO JTH-101
Kaken C 1998 pentoxazone WECHSER KPP-314
Kemira Agro Oy C 1995 Gliocladium spp. GLIOMIX
Kumiai C 1997 bispyribac-sodium NOMINEE REGIMENT GRASSSHORT SHORTKEEP KIH-2023 V-100029
Kumiai E
fluthiacet-methyl APPEAL KIH-9201 CGA 248757
Kumiai C 1988 orbencarb LANRAY B-3356
Kumiai C
prohexadione BX-112
Kumiai C 1995 prohexadione-calcium VIVFUL KUH-833 KIM-112 BX-112
Kumiai C 1997 pyriminobac-methyl PROSPER KIH-6127 KUH-920
Kumiai C 1996 pyrithiobac-sodium STAPLE KIH-2031 DPX-PE350
Kumiai C
thiobencarb SATURN BOLERO B-3015 IMC3950
Kyowa E
5-aminolevulinic acid ALA KWG-601
LG Chem C 1999 pyribenzoxim PYANCHOR KILAJABI GOLD LGC-40863
Luxan C 1996 carvone TALENT
Marubeni C 1997 cumyluron dibenzyluron (rej.) GAMYLA JC-940
Meiji Seika C 1988 bilanafos HERBIAGE MEIJI SF-1293 MW-801
MicroBio Group C 1995 ALGAXAN RED
Mitsubishi Chemical C 1990 aclonifen BANDUR MK-140
Mitsubishi Chemical C 1988 benzofenap YUKAWIDE TAIPAN MY-98
Mitsubishi Chemical C 1989 clomeprop YUKAHOPE MY-15
Mitsubishi Chemical C 1987 dimepiperate YUKAMATE MY-93 MUW-1193
Mitsubishi Chemical C 1999 indanofan epoprodan (rej.) TREBIACE KIRIFUDA REGNET GRASSY GRANULE MK-243 MX-70906
Mitsui Chemicals C 1996 Drechslera monoceras BIO-HERBICIDE MTB-951
Mitsui Chemicals C 1983 naproanilide URIBEST MT-101
Monsanto C 1991 acetochlor HARNESS MON-097 CP 55097
Monsanto C 1998 acetochlor (encapsulated) MON-58430
Monsanto C
alachlor LASSO CP 50144 MON-0144
Monsanto C
butachlor MACHETE CP 53619
Monsanto C 1994 clofencet-potassium GENESIS MON-21200 MON-21250(K) FC4001 ICI-A0754
Monsanto C 1984 flurazole SCREEN MON-4606
Monsanto C 1997 furilazole MON-13900
Monsanto C 1986 glyphosate-isopropylammonium ROUNDUP RODEO MON-0573
Monsanto C 1995 halosulfuron-methyl clopyrasulfuron-methyl (rej.) PERMIT BATTALION MON-12000 A-841101
Monsanto C
propachlor RAMROD CP 31393
Monsanto C 1997 sulfosulfuron MONITOR (herb) MAVERICK OUTRIDER MON-37500
Monsanto C
tri-allate FAR-GO AVADEX BW CP 23426
Nihon Carlit E
cumyluron dibenzyluron (rej.) JC-940
Nihon Nohyaku C
chlomethoxyfen EKKUSUGONI X-52
Nihon Nohyaku C 1999 pyraflufen-ethyl ECOPART THUNDERBOLT ET-751 NH-9301
Nippon Kayaku C 1980 calcium peroxide CALPER
Nippon Soda C 1983 alloxydim-sodium KUSAGARD NP-48Na BAS 90210H
Nippon Soda C 1984 sethoxydim NABU POAST FERVINAL NP-55 BAS 90520H SN-81742
Nippon Zeon E
prohydrojasmon (p) jasmonoid PDJ PDJ-A
Nissan Chemical C 1983 ethychlozate FIGARON J-455
Nissan Chemical C 1995 halosulfuron-methyl clopyrasulfuron-methyl (rej.) PERMIT NC-319 A-841101
Nissan Chemical C 1990 pyrazosulfuron-ethyl SIRIUS AGREEN NC-311 A-821256 HOE 02873
Nissan Chemical C
quizalofop NC-302 NCI-96683 DPX-Y6202
Nissan Chemical C 1988 quizalofop-P-ethyl TARGA SUPER NC-302 D(+)
Nitrokemia C 1997 beta-CD-chlorosulfuron complex TRITICUMEX
Nitrokemia C 1995 propisochlor PROPONIT MG-87
Olin C
Orsan C 1994 sintofen ACHOR CROISOR SC-2053
Platte Chemicals E
Alternaria destruens SMOLDER WP
Platte Chemicals C 1999 DIPN 2,6-DIPN AMPLIFY
Rohm & Haas C
clofencet-potassium RH-754
Rohm & Haas C 1992 dithiopyr DIMENSION STAKEOUT MON-7200 MON-15100 RH-101664
Rohm & Haas C 1992 fluoroglycofen-ethyl COMPETE SATIS SIMTAR RH-0265
Rohm & Haas C
oxyfluorfen GOAL KOLTAR GALIGAN RH-2915
Rohm & Haas C
propanil STAM STAM F-34 ROGUE FW-734 Bayer 30130 S 10145
Rohm & Haas C
propyzamide pronamide KERB RH-315
Rohm & Haas C 1997 thiazopyr VISOR HATCHET IMPROVISE SPINDLE MANDATE MON-13200 RH-123652
Sankyo C 2000 flupropanate-sodium TASKFORCE FRENOCK SW-6508 Orga 3045
Sankyo C 1990 pyrazolynate pyrazolate SANBIRD SW-751 H-468T A-544
SDS Biotech C 2001 benzobicyclon benbiclon (rej) SHOWACE SB-500 SAN-1315H SAN-1315
SDS Biotech C 1995 cafenstrole GRACUITOR CH-900
SDS Biotech C 1984 daimuron dymron SHOWRONE SK-223
SDS Biotech C 1984 methyldymron STACKER SK-1441 K-1441 SK-41
SURESTEM AC 94377 CL 94377
Shionogi C
cloxyfonac TOMATLANE RP-7194
Shionogi C 1985 isouron ISOXYL SSH-43
Sumitomo Chemical C 1975 6-benzylaminopurine PROSHEAR
Sumitomo Chemical C 1988 bromobutide SUMIHERB S-4347 S-47
Sumitomo Chemical C 1988 butamifos CREMART S-2846
Sumitomo Chemical E
flufenpyr-ethyl (p) S-3153
Sumitomo Chemical C 1994 flumiclorac-pentyl RESOURCE SUMIVERE S-23031
Sumitomo Chemical C 1993 flumioxazin SUMISOYA VALOR S-53482
Sumitomo Chemical C 1991 uniconazole-P SUMART LOMICA (ii) SUMAGIC S-3307D
Syngenta C
2-(1-naphthyl)acetic acid FRUITONE-N NAA
Syngenta C
ametryn GESAPAX EVIK G-34162
Syngenta C 1957 atrazine ATTREX GESAPRIM G-30027
Syngenta C 1993 benoxacor SAFENEAR CGA 154281
Syngenta C
bensulide BETASAN PREFAR R-4461
Syngenta C
bromofenoxim FANERON C-9122
Syngenta C 2000 butafenacil fluobutracil (rej.) INSPIRE CGA 276854
Syngenta C 1996 butroxydim FALCON ICI-A0500
Syngenta C
butylate SUTAN R-1910
Syngenta C
chlorbromuron MALORAN C-6313
Syngenta C 1996 chloretazate-potassium karetazan (rej.) DETASSELOR ICIS-0748 RH-748
Syngenta C
chlorotoluron DICURAN C-2242
Syngenta C 1992 cinosulfuron dimetrasulfuron (rej.) SETOFF CGA 142464 CG-148
Syngenta C 1995 clodinafop-propargyl HORIZON (Novartis) DISCOVER TOPIK CELIO CGA 184927
Syngenta C
cloquintocet-mexyl CGA 185072
Syngenta C
cycloate RO-NEET R-2063
Syngenta C
desmetryn SEMERON G-34360
Syngenta C
dicamba BANVEL VEL 58-CS-11 SAN-537H
Syngenta C
dichlormid R-25788
Syngenta C 1999 diflufenzopyr DISTINCT SAN-835H BAS 654H BAS 662
Syngenta C
dimethachlor TERiDOX CGA 17020
Syngenta C
dimethametryn AVIROSAN C-18 898
Syngenta C
diphenamid DYMID L-34314
Syngenta C 1958 diquat dibromide REGLONE AQUACIDE FB 12
Syngenta C 1990 esprocarb FUJI-GRASS ICI-A2957 SC-2957
Syngenta C
fenclorim CGA 123407
Syngenta C 1996 flazasulfuron SHIBAGEN SL-160 OK-1166
Syngenta C
fluazifop-butyl FUSILADE ICI-A0009 PP 009
Syngenta C 1986 fluazifop-P-butyl FUSILADE 5 ICI-A0005 PP 005 SL-118
Syngenta C 1984 flumetralin PRIME CGA 41 065
Syngenta C
fluometuron COTORAN LANEX C-2059
Syngenta C 1988 flurochloridone RACER R-40244 YH-44
Syngenta C 2001 fluthiacet-methyl ACTION CGA 248757 KIH-9201
Syngenta C 1992 fluxofenim CONCEP III CGA 133205
Syngenta C 1986 fomesafen FLEX REFLEX PP 021
Syngenta C
forchlorfenuron CPPU SITOFEX KT-30 CN-11-3183 SKW 20010
Syngenta C 1960 gibberellic acid PRO-GIBB BERELEX ACTIVOL GIBGRO
Syngenta C 1989 glyphosate-trimesium sulfosate TOUCHDOWN OURAGAN ICI-A0224 SC-0224
Syngenta C
isoproturon TOLKAN GRAMINON CGA 18731
Syngenta C 1945 MCPA AGROXONE
Syngenta C 2001 mesotrione CALLISTO ZA-1296
Syngenta C 1951 metam (herb) VAPAM (herb) N-869 (herb)
Syngenta C
metobromuron PATORAN C-3126
Syngenta C
metolachlor DUAL MEDAL CGA 24705
Syngenta C
metoxuron DOSANEX SAN-6915H SAN-7102H
Syngenta C
molinate ORDRAM R-4572
Syngenta C
napropamide DEVRINOL R-7465
Syngenta C 1995 nicosulfuron NISSHIN MILAGRO SL-950 MU-495
Syngenta C
norflurazon ZORIAL SOLICAM SAN-978938 H 9789 H 52143
Syngenta C 1984 oxabetrinil CONCEP II CGA 92194
Syngenta C 1996 oxasulfuron DYNAM CHART CGA 277476
Syngenta C 1988 paclobutrazol BONZI CLIPPER CULTAR PARLAY PP 333
Syngenta C 1958 paraquat-dichloride GRAMOXONE CYCLONE DEXTRONE X PP 148 ACC 3422
Syngenta C
pebulate TILLAM R-2001
Syngenta C
piperophos RILOF C-19 490
Syngenta C 1987 pretilachlor RIFIT SOLNET CGA 26423
Syngenta C 1991 primisulfuron-methyl BEACON TELL RIFLE CGA 136872
Syngenta C 1986 prodiamine BARRICADE (i) RYDEX ENDURANCE FACTOR KUSABLOCK SAN-745H CN-11-2936 USB-3153
Syngenta C 1957 prometon GESAGRAM PRAMITOL G-31435
Syngenta C
prometryn CAPAROL GESAGARD G-34161
Syngenta C 1991 propaquizafop AGIL SHOGUN CGA 233380 Ro 17-3664
Syngenta C 1957 propazine MILOGARD GESAMIL G-30 027
Syngenta C 1945 propham IPC
Syngenta C 1991 prosulfocarb BOXER DEFI ICI-A0574 SC-0574
Syngenta C 1995 prosulfuron PEAK EXCEED SPIRIT RING CGA 152005
Syngenta C 1987 pyridate LENTAGRAN FENDAZIN CL-11344 NY-712
Syngenta E
pyriftalid APIRO CGA 279233
Syngenta C 1997 S-metolachlor alpha-metolachlor (rej.) DUAL MAGNUM DUAL GOLD BICEP II PRIMEXTRA GOLD MAGNUM CGA 77102 (aRS,1S)
Syngenta C 1955 simazine GESATOP PRINCEP CALIBER 90 G-27692
Syngenta C
simetryn GYBON G-32911
Syngenta C 1951 sodium chloroacetate
Syngenta C 1984 tebutam COMODOR GPC-5544 CGA 39625 Ro 149480
Syngenta C
terbumeton CARAGARD GS-14259A
Syngenta C
terbuthylazine GARDOPRIM GS-13529
Syngenta C
terbutryn IGRAN PREBANE GS-14260
Syngenta C 1991 tralkoxydim GRASP SPLENDOR ACHIEVE ICI-A0604 PP 604
Syngenta C 1989 triasulfuron AMBER LOGRAN CGA 131036
Syngenta C
trietazine REMTAL G-27901
Syngenta E
trifloxysulfuron CGA 292230 CGA 362622
Syngenta C 1993 trinexapac-ethyl MODUS PRIMO VISION OMEGA CGA 163935 CG-186 CGA 179500
Syngenta C 1954 vernolate VERNAM R-1607
Takeda C 1994 imazosulfuron TAKEOFF SIBATITO TH-913
Takeda C 1997 sulfosulfuron MONITOR (herb) APYROS LEADER MAVERICK TKM-19
TAMA Biochemical C 1999 epocholeone proepochone (rej) TAMAGROWTH TS-303
Tifton C 1993 Puccinia canaliculata Dr. BIOSEDGE
Tokuyama E
pethoxamid SUCCESSOR 600 TKC-94
Tokuyama C 1994 thenylchlor ALHERB KUSAMETS ONEBEST NSK-850
Tomen E
Tosoh C 1991 pyributicarb TOYOCARB SEEZET TSH-888
Ube Industries E
beflubutamid benfluamid (rej.) HERBAFLEX UBH-820
Univ. of Aberdeen E
Ascochyta cauline
Colletotrichum truncatum
Fusarium oxysporum protein protein Nep1 Nep1
Puccinia carduorum
Valent E
Valent E
Valent E
S 3153 V-3153
Valent E
Valent C
clethodim SELECT RE-45601
Valent C 1995 flumiclorac-pentyl RESOURCE V-23031
Valent C 1992 flumioxazin VALOR V-53482
Valent C
lactofen COBRA PPG-844
Valent BioSciences C 1997 aminoethoxy vinyl glycine hydrochloride AVG-HCl RETAIN ABG-3097 ABG-3168 TMP-923 TMP-941/951
Valent BioSciences C
Phytophthora palmivora MWV disease DEVINE P

To keep up with the latest developments in herbicide active ingredients, refer to current editions of the Ag Chem New Compound Review and Supplementary Report, published annually by AGRANOVA.

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