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Herbicide Synopsis


a chronological listing of all herbicide, safener
and PGR compounds to 1995.

(from the Global Herbicide Directory, 2nd. Edn.)
© 2001 Agranova

Each compound in the directory is listed by entry year (i.e. when it was first recorded/disclosed as a developmental agchem active ingredient with market potential) in column 1 in the navigable table below. Note that the 'Entry year' is unlikely to be the year in which the active was commercialised - that would have occured later.

Column 2 shows the most prominent registered trademark(s), generic / common name(s) and code number(s). Where a compound is not a herbicide as such, its type - PGR, (plant growth regulator), safener, synergist, etc. - is noted in (brackets). Discontinued compounds are not highlighted in any particular manner.

Column 3 shows the inventing company in bold, with additional companies which have acquired rights to the compound listed in normal type.

The list is fairly long ! Use the Find command in your browser to find specific names / companies. Or, use the date hyperlinks below to browse the list chronologically:

1945  1950  1955 1960  1965  1970  1975 1980  1985  1990  1995

Clicking on the icons in Column 1 enables you to jump back to the top of this page.

Entry year Generic names, trade names, code numbers Companies
~1910 DERVAN, SOCHLOR, sodium chlorate Caffaro, Drexel, Kerr-McGee, NoMix-Chipman,Simplot, others
1920 DURASET, TOMASET, N-m-T (PGR) Uniroyal
1932 DNOC, DNC G. Truffaut et Cie.
1935 CHRYZOSAN, 4-indol-3-ylbutyric acid, IBA (PGR) (Union Carbide) (May & Baker) Rhone Poulenc
1938 ACTIVOL, BERELEX, gibberellin A7 with A4(PGR) Zeneca / Abbott
1939 BETAPAL, (2-naphthyloxy)acetic acid (PGR) Synchemicals
1942 2,4-D, WEEDONE (AmChem) Rhone Poulenc
1944 2,4,5-T, WEEDONE (AmChem) Rhone Poulenc
1945 2,4-DP, dichlorprop, RD 406 (Boots) (Schering) AgrEvo
  FRUITONE, cloprop, 3-CPA (PGR) (Amchem) Rhone Poulenc
  propham, IPC (PPG) Zeneca
1946 FUSAREX, tecnazene (PGR) Bayer
1947 TCA-sodium (Dow) DowElanco/DuPont
  BUTYROL, BUTOXONE, 2,4-DB (AmChem) Rhone Poulenc
1949 ALANAP, naptalam-sodium Uniroyal
  MH, maleic hydrazide (PGR) Uniroyal
1950 4-CPA, PCPA (PGR) (Dow) DowElanco
1951 ENDOTHAL, AQUATHOL, endothal (Pennwalt) Atochem
  KLOBEN, neburon DuPont
  KARMEX, diuron DuPont
  fenuron, PDU DuPont
  CIPC, DECCO 276 EC, chlorpropham (PPG) Elf Atochem
  VAPAM, metam, N-869 (Stauffer) Zeneca
  chloroacetic acid, sodium chloroacetate Zeneca
1952 2,3,6-TBA (AmChem) DuPont
1953 MECOPEX, MCPP, mecoprop, RD 4593 (Boots) (Schering) AgrEvo
  dalapon-sodium (Dow) DowElanco / BASF
  WEEDAZOL, amitrole (AmChem) Rhone Poulenc
  FRUITONE-N, 2-(1-naphthyl)acetic acid, NAA (PGR) (Amchem) Rhone Poulenc / Zeneca
  AMID-THIN, 2-(1-naphthyl)acetamide, NAD (PGR) (Amchem) Rhone Poulenc
1954 VERNAM, vernolate, R-1607 (Stauffer) Zeneca
1955 GESATOP, PRINCEP, simazine, G-27692 (Geigy) Novartis
  LEGUMEX, THISTROL, MCPB, MB-3046 (May & Baker) Rhone Poulenc
  MAGNACIDE, acrolein (Shell)
1956 ANSAR, DACONATE, MSMA, methylarsonic acid (Diamond Shamrock) ISK Biosciences USA
1957 GESAGRAM, prometon, G-31435 (Geigy) Novartis
  ATTREX, GESAPRIM, atrazine, G-30027 (Geigy) Novartis
  MILOGARD, GESAMIL, propazine (Geigy) Novartis
  SEVIN, carbaryl, UC 7744 (PGR) (Union Carbide) Rhone Poulenc
  EPTAM, EPTC, R-1608 (Stauffer) Zeneca
1958 REMTAL, trietazine, NC 1667 (Fisons) (Schering) AgrEvo / Novartis
  AMIBEN, chloramben, ACP M-629 (AmChem) Rhone Poulenc
  GRAMOXONE, CYCLONE, paraquat-dichloride, PP-148 Zeneca
  REGLONE, AQUACIDE, diquat dibromide, FB 12 Zeneca
1959 PHYTAR, dimethylarsinic acid (Ansul) Crystal Chemical
  TREFLAN, trifluralin, L-36352 (Elanco) DowElanco
  FAR-GO, AVADEX BW, tri-allate, CP-23426 Monsanto
  STAM F-34, propanil, FW-734 Rohm & Haas
  TILLAM, pebutlate, R-2001 (Stauffer) Zeneca
  SUTAN, butylate, R-1910 (Stauffer) Zeneca
1960 LOROX, AFALON, linuron, DuPont 326, HOE 2810 DuPont / (Hoechst) AgrEvo
  chlorbufam BASF
  CYCOCEL, chlormequat chloride, AC 38555, BAS 062W (PGR) Cyanamid / BASF / Michigan State University
  pentanochlor, FMC 4512 FMC
  DACTHAL, chlorthal-dimethyl, DAC 893 (Diamond Shamrock) ISK Biosciences USA
  COTORAN, LANEX, fluometuron, C 2059 (Ciba) Novartis
  GESAPAX, EVIK, ametryn, G-34162 (Geigy) Novartis
  CARBETAMEX, LEGURAME, carbetamide, RP-11561 Rhone Poulenc
  CASORON, BARRIER, dichlobenil, H 133 (Duphar) Uniroyal
  DYMID, diphenamid, L-34314 (Elanco) (Upjohn/AgrEvo) Zeneca
  AIA, IAA, indol-3-ylacetic acid (PGR) ACF
1961 MALORAN, chlorbromuron, C 6313 (Ciba) Novartis
  TENORAN, chloroxuron, C 1983 (Ciba) Novartis
  DESORMONE, REDIPON, dichlorprop, 2,4-DP, RD-406 (Boots) Rhone Poulenc
1962 ARESIN, monolinuron, HOE 2747 (Hoechst) AgrEvo
  PYRAMIN, pyrazon, chloridazon, BAS 119H BASF
  SINBAR, terbacil, DUPONT 732 DuPont
  HYVAR X, bromacil, DUPONT 976 DuPont
  SEMERON, desmetryn, G-34360 (Geigy) Novartis
  CAPAROL, GESAGARD, prometryn, G-34161 (Geigy) Novartis
  ALAR, B-NINE, daminazide, B-995 (PGR) Uniroyal
  BETASAN, PREFAR, bensulide, R-4461 (Stauffer) Zeneca
1963 TORDON, GRAZON, picloram (Dow) DowElanco
  BROMINAL, BUCTRIL, bromoxynil, MB-10064 (May & Baker) Rhone Poulenc
  ACTRIL, CERTROL, ioxynil, ACP 63-303, MB-8837 (May & Baker) Rhone Poulenc
1964 CORNOX, TILLOX, benazolin, RD 7693 (Boots) (Schering) AgrEvo
  chlorfluenol-methyl, IT 3456 (PGR) (CelaMerck) Cyanamid
  ANTEN, flurenol, EMD-IT-3233 (synergist) (CelaMerck) Cyanamid
  chlorthiamid, WL 5792 (Shell) Cyanamid
  VENZAR, lenacil, DUPONT 634 DuPont
  TUPERSAN, siduron, DUPONT 1318 DuPont
  RAMROD, propachlor, CP-31393 Monsanto
  PATORAN, metobromuron, C 3126 (Ciba) Novartis
  LIRONION, difenoxuron, C 3470 (Ciba) Novartis
  ORDRAM, molinate, R-4572 (Statuffer) Zeneca
1965 POTABLAN, monalide, Schering 35830 (Schering) AgrEvo
  BALAN, benfluralin, EL-110 (Elanco) DowElanco
  MO, chlornitrofen, MO-338 Mitsui Toatsu
  IGRAN, PREBANE, terbutryn, GS-14260 (Geigy) Novartis
  GESARAN, methoprotryne, GS-36393 (Geigy) Novartis
  ASULOX, ASILAN, asulam, MB-9057 (May & Baker) Rhone Poulenc
  ETHREL, CERONE, ethephon (PGR) (Amchem) Rhone Poulenc
  HERBOGIL, dinoterb, LS 63133 Rhone Poulenc
  KERB, propyzamide, RH-315 Rohm & Haas
  RO-NEET, cycloate, R-2063 (Stauffer) Zeneca
  BANVEL, dicamba, VEL-58-CS-11 (Velsicol) (Sandoz) Novartis
1966 BLADEX, cyanazine, WL 19805 (Shell) Cyanamid
  LASSO, alachlor, CP-50144 Monsanto
  CARAGARD, tebumeton (Geigy) Novartis
  GARDOPRIM, terbuthylazine, GS-13529 (Geigy) Novartis
1967 BETANAL, phenmedipham, SN 38584 (Schering) AgrEvo
  BRASORAN, MESORANIL, aziprotryne, C 7019 (Ciba) Novartis
  TANDEX, karbutilate, CGA 61837 (FMC) (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
  SANCAP, dipropetryn, GS-14259 (Geigy) Novartis
  FRENOCK, flupropanate-sodium, SW-6508 Sankyo
1968 BASAGRAN, bentazone, BAS 351H BASF
  SENCOR, LEXONE, metribuzin, BAY 94337, DPX-2504 Bayer / DuPont
  TRIBUNIL, methabenzthiazuron, BAY 74283 Bayer
  SURFLAN, RYZELAN, oryzalin, EL-119 (Elanco) DowElanco
  DOSANEX, metoxuron, SAN-6602 (Sandoz) Novartis
  GYBON, simetryn, G-32911 (Geigy) Novartis
1969 BETANAL AM, BETANEX, desmedipham, SN 38107 (Schering) AgrEvo
  NORTRON, TRAMAT, ethofumesate, NC 8438 (Fisons) (Schering) AgrEvo
  HERBIT, MCPA-thioethyl, HOK-7501 Hokko
  URIBEST, naproanilide, MT-101 Mitsui Toatsu
  MACHETE, butachlor, CP-53619 Monsanto
  PROBE, methazole, VCS-438 (Velsicol) Novartis
  RILOF, piperophos, C 19490 (Ciba) Novartis
  FANERON, bromofenoxim, C 9122 (Ciba) Novartis
  DICURAN, chlorotoluron, C 2242 (Ciba) Novartis
  RONSTAR, FORESITE, oxadiazon, RP-1762312 Rhone Poulenc
  DEVRINOL, napropamide, R-7465 (Stauffer) Zeneca
1970 PROSHEAR (PGR) Abbott
  SATURN, BOLERO, thiobencarb, B-3015 Kumiai
  MODOWN, bifenox, MC-4379 (Mobil) Rhone Poulenc
1971 MATAVEN, CANCER, flamprop-methyl, SD 29761 (Shell) Cyanamid
  A-REST, ancymidol (PGR) (Elanco) DowElanco
  ROUNDUP, glyphosate-isopropylammonium, MON-0573 Monsanto
  ZORIAL, SOLICAM, norfluazon, SAN-978938 (Sandoz) Novartis
  TAMEX, butralin, AMCHEM 70-25 (Amchem) Rhone Poulenc
1972 ANTOR, diethatyl-ethyl, Hercules 22234 (Hercules) (Schering) AgrEvo
  MOGETON G, quinclamine, 06K Agro Kanesho
  BASALIN, fluchloralin, BAS 392H, BAS 3902 BASF
  PIX, mepiquat-chloride (PGR) BASF
  AVENGE, FINAVEN, difenzoquat-metisulfate, AC 84777 Cyanamid
  PROWL, STOMP, pendimethalin, AC 92553 Cyanamid
  SPIKE, PERFLAN, tebuthiuron, EL-103 (Elanco) DowElanco
  VELPAR, hexazinone, DPX-3674 DuPont
EKKUSUGONI, chlomethoxyfen, X-52 (Nihon Nohyaku) ISK Biosciences
  proglinazine, MG-07 Nitrokemia
  eglinazine, MG-60 Nitrokemia
  ERBOTAN, thiazafluron, GS 29696 (Geigy) Novartis
  AVIROSAN, dimethametryn, C 18898 (Ciba) Novartis
  SHOWRONE, daimuron, SK-223 SDS Biotech
  ERADICANE, dichlormid, R-25788 (Stauffer) Zeneca
  HARVADE, dimethipin (PGR) Uniroyal
  PHOSFLEUR, chlorphonium chloride (PGR) (Mobil/Rhone Poulenc) Perifleur
1973 USTILAN, ethidimuron, BAY MET 1486 Bayer
  SONALAN, ethalfluralin, EL-161 (Elanco) DowElanco
  GARLON, GRANDSTAND, triclopyr, DOWCO-233 (Dow) DowElanco
  DREPAMON, tiocarbazil, M-3432 Isagro Ricerca
  TERIDOX, dimethachlor, CGA 17020 (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
  COBEX, dinitramine, USB 3584 (US Borox) Wacker / Novartis
1974 ARELON, TOLKAN, isoproturon, HOE 16410, CGA 18731, LS-691299 (Hoechst) AgrEvo / Novartis / Rhone Poulenc
  HOEGRASS, HOELON, diclofop-methyl, HOE 23408 (Hoechst) AgrEvo
  KRENITE, fosamine-ammonium, DPX-1108 DuPont
  DUAL, MEDAL, FALCON, metolachlor, CGA 24705 (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
  PRADONE, RANGER, dimefuron, RP-23465 Rhone Poulenc
  ATRIMMEC, dikegulac-sodium (PGR) (Maag) Rhone Poulenc
  GOAL, KOLTAR, oxyfluorfen, RH-2915 Rohm & Haas
  EMBARK, mefluidide (PGR) 3M
1975 GOLTIX, metamitron, BAY DRW 1139 Bayer
  BARRON PLUS, SUFFIX BW, flamprop-M-isopropyl, WL 17713 (Shell) Cyanamid
  LONTREL, RECLAIM, clopyralid, DOWCO-290 (Dow) DowElanco
  LANRAY, orbencarb, B-3356 Kumiai
SCREEN, furilazole, MON 4606 (safener) Monsanto
  BARRICADE, RYDEX, prodiamine, SAN-745H (US Borax) (Velsicol) (Sandoz) Novartis
  TACKLE, acifluorfen-sodium, MC-10978 (Mobil) Rhone Poulenc
  STACKER, methyl-dimuron, methyldymron, K-1441, SK-41 SDS Biotech
  CREMART, butamifos, S-2846 Sumitomo
1976 DROPP, thidiazuron, SN 49537 (defoliant) (Schering) AgrEvo
  LENTAGRAN, TOUGH, pyridate, CL-11344 Agrolinz
  BUTISAN, metazachlor, BAS 2903 BASF
  SONAR, fluridone, EL-171 (Elanco) DowElanco
  ERGOSTIM, ERGOVIT, folcisteine (PGR) Isagro Ricerca
  KUSAGARD, alloxydim-sodium, NP-48Na Nippon Soda
  FIGARON, ethychlozate (PGR) Nissan
  COMODOR, tebutam, CGA 39625 (Gulf) (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
  DIPHENOX, butenachlor, KH-218 Agro Kanesho
1977 PRIME, flumetralin, CGA 41065 (PGR) (Ciba Geigy) Novartis / Rhone Poulenc
  FLEX, REFLEX, fomesafen, PP-021 Zeneca
1978 HINOCHLOA, RANCHO, mefenacet, BAY FOE 1976 Bayer
  HERBIACE, MEIJI, bilanafos, SF-1293 Meiji Seika
  NABU, FERVINAL, POAST, sethoxydim, NP-55 Nippon Soda
1979 GLEAN, TELAR, chlorsulfuron, DPX-W4189 DuPont
  YUKAMATE, dimepiperate, MY-93 Mitsubishi Chemical
  COUGAR, JAVELIN, diflufenican, MB-38183 (May & Baker) Rhone Poulenc
  ISOXYL, isouron, SSH-43 Shionogi
1980 CYPERAL, benfuresate, NC 20 484 (Fisons) (Schering) AgrEvo
  SURESTEM, AC 94377 (PGR) Cyanamid
  COBRA, lactofen, PPG-884 (PPG) Cyanamid / Valent
  OUST, sulfometuron, DPX-5648 DuPont
  LIMBOLID, heptopargil, EGYT 2250 (PGR) Egyt Pharmacochemical
FUSILADE, fluazifop-butyl, SL-236, IH-773B, TF-1169 ISK Biosciences
  YUKAHOPE, clomeprop, MY-15 Mitsubishi Chemical
  HARNESS, acetochlor, MON-097 Monsanto
  POLARDO, glyphosate-sodium sesqui salt (PGR) Monsanto
  TOMATLANE, cloxyfonac, RP-7194 (PGR) (Rhone Pouelnc) Shionogi
  RELAY, WINNER, acetachlor, ICI-A5676 Zeneca
  FUSILADE, fluazifop, ICI-A0009 Zeneca
1981 AROZIN, RICO, anilofos, HOE 30374 (Hoechst) AgrEvo
  BASTA, IGNITE, glufosinate-ammonium, HOE 39866 (Hoechst) AgrEvo
  SERITARD, inabenfide, CGR-811 (PGR) Chugai
  ARSENAL, ASSAULT, imazapyr-isopropylammonium, AC 252925 Cyanamid
  VERDICT, haloxyfop-methyl, DOWCO-453ME (Dow) DowElanco
  GALLANT, haloxyfop-etotyl, DOWCO-453EE (Dow) DowElanco
CUTLESS, flurprimidol, EL-500 (PGR) (Elanco) DowElanco
  YUKAWIDE, benzofenap, MY-98 Mitsubishi Chemical
  HYBREX, fenridazon, RH-0007 (PGR) Rohm & Haas
  SUMIHERB, bromobutide, S-4347 Sumitomo
  FUSILADE, fluzaifop-P-butyl, ICI-A0005 Zeneca
1982 ACCLAIM, WHIP, fenoxaprop-ethyl, HOE 33171 (Hoechst) AgrEvo
  NEVIROL, N-phenylphthalamic acid (PGR) (Neviki Research Institute) Bayer
  ASSERT, imazamethabenz-methyl, AC 222293 Cyanamid
  FLEXIDOR, GALLERY, isoxaben, EL-107 (Elanco) DowElanco
  STARANE, ADVANCE, fluroxypyr, DOWCO-433 (Dow) DowElanco
  CLASSIC, chlorimuron-ethyl, DPX-F6025 DuPont
COMMAND, clomazone, F 57020 FMC
  HODOCIDE, etobenzanid, HW-52 Hodogaya
  triazofenamide, KNW-242 Kureha
  CONCEP II, oxabetrinil, CGA 92194 (safener) (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
  ALZODEF, cyanamide, hydrogen cyanamide (PGR) SKW Trostberg Ag
  RACER, fluorochloridone, R-40244 (Stauffer) Zeneca
  BONZI, CLIPPER, CULTAR, PARLAY, paclobutrazol, PP-333 (PGR) Zeneca
1983 FOCUS, LASER, cycloxydim, BAS 517 BASF
  SCEPTER, imazaquin, AC 252214 Cyanamid
  BANDUR, CHALLENGE, aclonifen, CME 127, MK-140 (CelaMerck) Rhone Poulenc/Cyanamid/Mitsubishi
  ASSURE II, quizalofop-P, DPX-Y6202-31 (Nissan) DuPont
  LONDAX, bensulfuron-methyl, DPX-F5384 DuPont
  ALLY, ALLIE, metsulfuron-methyl, DPX-T6376 DuPont
  TARGA SUPER, quizalofop-P-ethyl, NC-302 Nissan
  fenclorim, CGA 123407 (safener) (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
  SANBIRD, pyrazolynate, SW-751 Sankyo
  SITOFEX, forchlorfenuron, KT-30, CN-11-3181 (PGR) (Sandoz) SKW Trotsberg Ag
1984 FACET, IMPACT, quinclorac, BAS 514H BASF
  PURSUIT, PIVOT, imazethapyr, AC 263499 Cyanamid
  PAICER, pyrazoxyfen, SL-49 ISK Biosciences
  KAYABEST, methasulfocarb, NK-191 (PGR) Nippon Kayaku
  RIFIT, SOLNET, pretilachlor, CGA 26423 (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
  SUMAGIC, uniconazole-p, S-3307D (PGR) Sumitomo
1985 FIESTA, DUBLETT, quinmerac, BAS 518H BASF
  ARGOLD, cinmethylin, WL 95481 (Shell) Cyanamid
  HARMONY, thifensulfuron-methyl, DPX-M6316 DuPont
  EXPRESS, GRANSTAR, tribenuron, DPX-L5300 DuPont
  MUSTER, ethametsulfuron-methyl, DPX-A7881 DuPont
  AMBER, LOGRAN, triasulfuron, CGA 131036 (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
DKA-24 Sagrochem
  PANTERA, quizalofop-P-tefuryl, UBI-C4874 Uniroyal
  BOXER, DEFI, prosulfocarb, ICI-A0547 Zeneca
  TOUCHDOWN, glyphosate-trimesium, sulfosate, ICI-A0224 Zeneca
1986 CONCEP III, fluxofenim, CGA 133205 (safener) (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
  BACARA, flurtamone, RP-40885 (Chevron) Rhone Poulenc
  TAKEOFF, SIBATITO, imazosulfuron, TH-913 Takeda
  TOYOCARB, pyributicarb, TSH-888 Tosoh
1987 DUPLOSAN KV, mecoprop-P, BAS 03729H BASF
  DUPLOSAN DP, dichlorprop-p, BAS 04418 BASF
  ACCENT, nicosulfuron, DPX-V9360 DuPont
  GRH-624, UH-1024 Hodogaya
  metobenzuron, UMP-488 Mitsui Petrochemical
  SETOFF, cinosulfuron, CGA 142464 (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
BEACON, TELL, primisulfuron-methyl, CGA 136872 (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
  AGIL, SHOGUN, propaquizafop, Ro 17-3664 (Maag) (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
  COMPLETE, SIMTAR, fluoroglycofen-ethyl, RH-0265 Rohm & Haas
  DIMENSION, STAKEOUT, dithiopyr, MON 7200, MON 15100 (Monsanto) Rohm & Haas
  SELECT, clethodim, RE-45601 (Chevron) Valent
  GRASP, SPLENDOR, tralkoxydim, ICI-A0604 Zeneca
1988 HOE-07484 (PGR) (Hoechst) AgrEvo
  CADRE, imazamethipyr, AC 263222 Cyanamid
  ACTION, fluthiacet-methyl, KIH-9201, CGA 248757 (Ciba Geigy) Novartis / Kumiai
  STAPLE, pyrithiobac-sodium, KIH-2031 (Kumiai) DuPont
  prohexadione, prohexadione-calcium, KUH 833 (PGR) Kumiai
  NISSHIN, MILAGRO, nicosulfuron, SL-950 ISK Biosciences
  NC-330 Nissan
  FRONTIER, dimethenamid, SAN-582H (Sandoz) Novartis
benoxacor, CGA 154281 (safener) (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
  MODDUS, PRIMO, trinexapac, CGA 613935 (PGR) (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
  FUJI-Grass, esprocarb, ICI-A2957 Zeneca
1989 ADRET, GRATIL, amidosulfuron, HOE 75032 (Hoechst) AgrEvo
  SUPER WHIP, OPTION SUPER, fenoxaprop-P-ethyl, HOE 46360 (Hoechst) AgrEvo
  fenchlorazole-ethyl, HOE 070542 (PGR) (Hoechst) AgrEvo
  BUVIREX, ethoxyfen-ethyl, HC-252 Budapest Chemical
  TITUS, rimsulfuron, DPX-E9636 DuPont
  isoxapyrifop, HOK-1566 Hokko
  SHIBAGEN, flazasulfuron, SL-160, OK-1166 ISK Biosciences
  NOMINEE, bispyribac-sodium, KIH-2023 Kumiai
  QUATATIM, flupoxam, KNW-739 Kureha
  GENESIS, clofencoet, MON-21200 (PGR) Monsanto
  PERMIT, halosulfuron-methyl, NC-319 Nissan
  SIRIUS, AGREEN, pyrazosulfuron-ethyl, NC-311 Nissan
  TOPIK, clodinafop-propargyl, CGA 184927 (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
cloquintocet-mexyl, CGA 185072 (safener) (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
  OK-8901, OC-12679 Otsuka
  VISOR, thiazopyr, RH-123652 (Monsanto) Rohm & Haas
  TOMATLANE, cloxyfonac, RP-7194 (PGR) Shionogi
  SUMISOYA, flumioxazin, S-53482 Sumitomo
  RESOURCE, SUMIVERE, flumiclorac-pentyl, S-23031, V023031 Sumitomo / Valent
  ALHERB, theylchlor, NSK-850 Tokuyama Soda
  flumioxazin, V-53482 Valent
1990 INVEST, JIN-QUI, cyclosulfamuron, AC 322140 Cyanamid
  BROADSTRIKE, SCORPION, flumetsulam, DE-498 DowElanco
  EDGE, haloxyfop-R-methyl, DE-535 (Dow) DowElanco
  SAFARI, UPBEET, triflusulfuron-methyl, DPX-66037 DuPont
  ACHOR, CROISOR, sintofen, SC-2053 (hybridizing agent) Hybrinova
  PROSPER, pyriminobac-methyl, KIH-6127 Kumiai
  GAMYLA, cumyluron, JC-940 (Nihon Carlit) Marubeni
  furilazole, MON-139000 (safener) Monsanto
  ECOPART, pyraflufen-ethyl, ET 751 Nihon Nohyaku
EXPERT, DYNAM, oxasulfuron, CGA 277476 (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
  FINISH, cyclanilide, RPA-90946 (PGR) Rhone Poulenc
  DETASSELOR, clofencet, ICI-A0754 (gameticide) (Rohm & Haas) Zeneca
  NSK-905 (PGR) Tokuyama Soda
  GALLEON, sulcotrione, ICI-A0051 Zeneca
1991 thiadiazimin, SN-124 085 (Schering) AgrEvo
  cafestrole, CH-900 Chugai
  RAPTOR, SWEEPER, imazamox, AC 299263 Cyanamid
  PRONTO, ECLIPSE, metosulam, DE-511 DowElanco
  azimsulfuron, DPX-A8947 DuPont
  AUTHORITY, BORAL, CAPAZ, sulfentrazone, F 6285 FMC
  QUATATIM, flupoxam, MON-18500 (Kureha) Monsanto
  PERMIT, BATTALION, halosulfuron-methyl, MON-12000 (Nissan) Monsanto
  PROPONITE, propisochlor Nitrokemia
  DETASSELOR, karetazan Rohm & Haas
  UCC-4243 Uniroyal
1992 AXIOM 68, fluthiamide, BAY FOE 5053 Bayer
  CLINCHER, cyhalofop-butyl, XDE-537, DEH-112 DowElanco
  AIM, AFFINITY, carfentrazone-ethyl, F 8426 FMC
  WECHSER, pentoxazone, KPP-314 Kaken
  KPP-421 Kaken
  KPP-300 Kaken
  PEAK, EXCEED, prosulfuron, CGA 152005 (Ciba Geigy) Novartis
  RAFT, TOPSTAR, oxadiargyl, RP-020630 Rhone Poulenc
1993 ethoxysulfuran, HOE 095404 (Hoechst) AgrEvo
  mefenpyr, HOE-107892 (PGR) (Hoechst) AgrEvo
  FIRST RATE, cloransulam-methyl, XDE-565 DowElanco
azafenidin, DPX-R6447 DuPont
  BALANCE, MERLIN, isoxaflutole, RP-201772, EXP-30953 Rhone Poulenc
  FALCON, butroxydim, ICI-A0500 Zeneca
1994 diflufenzopyr, SAN 835H (Sandoz) BASF
  flupyrsulfuron, DPX-KE459 DuPont
  triaziflam, IDH-1105 Idemitsu Kosan
  PYANCHOR, KILAJABI GOLD, pyribenzoxim, LGC-40863 LG Chemical
  epoprodan, MK-243, MX 70906 Mitsubishi Chemical
  sulfosulfuron, TKM-19, MON-37500 (Takeda) Monsanto
  oxaziclomefone, MY-100 Rhone Poulenc
1995* DICLOCULAR, diclosulam, XDE-564 DowElanco

* At the date of publication of the Global Herbicide Directory, 2nd. Edn. (July, 1997), more than 20 other new herbicide, herbicide safener, desiccant, defoliant and PGR compounds had also been identified to be early development. They were not included because a complete profile of their chemistry, application rates, target markets, etc. was not available.

To keep up with the latest developments in herbicide active ingredients, refer to current editions of the Ag Chem New Compound Review and Supplementary Report, published annually by AGRANOVA.

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