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Agrochemicals -
Executive Review
(24th edn) 2013

Copyright Agranova 2013
Spiral bound A4 book (192 pages)
Also available as an Acrobat .pdf file

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For each of the top 19 agrochemicals discovery companies, it features:

  • Year 2012 sales estimate splits by regions and product types
  • R&D expenditure, development portfolio and product requirements
  • Profitability estimates
  • Crop sector strengths
  • Environmental impact potential
  • Recent capital expenditure
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Outlook ratings

A subsection that profiles the major top-29 generics companies

For each of the 16 major agrochemicals country markets, it includes:

  • Year 2012 sales estimates by major crops and product types
  • Regulatory and environmental situation
  • Major crop pesticide sectors
  • Major companies' market share
  • Local manufacturing situation
  • Likely growth rate

For each crop protection product sector, it includes:

  • Overview of each sector: herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other agrochemicals
  • Year 2012 sales estimates by crop and by Mode of Action type
  • Profiles of the 40 Mode of Action types

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