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Agranova Price List: 2019

Code Product Format Price (GBP)
More info Agranova Alliance Service (AAS)    
AAS-1 Annual subscription (single site) Mixed media 5,000.00
AAS-2 Annual subscription (multisite) Mixed media 8,000.00
More info Ag Chem New Compound Review (NCR)    
NCR37 Vol. 37 (2019) BOOK 420.00
NCR37D Vol. 37 (2019), duplicate copy, each BOOK 220.00
NCR37E Vol. 37 (2019) Acrobat pdf 560.00
More info Ag Chem Supplementary Report (SR)    
SR2019 September 2019 BOOK 420.00
SR2019E September 2019 Acrobat pdf 560.00
  Combined Package (NCR + SR)
CP37 NCR + SR (2019) BOOKs 760.00
CP37E NCR + SR (2019) Acrobat pdf 995.00
More info Ag Chem Base Online (1 year access fee)    
ACBO1 Single-site license (updated twice) Internet 1,700.00
ACBOM Multi-site license (updated twice) Internet 3,225.00
ACBSSO Re-setup fee* - 590.00
More info Crop Protection Actives (CPA)    
CPAO1 CPA, Single-site license Mixed media 1,700.00
CPAOM CPA, Multi-site license Mixed media 3,225.00
More info Online Services Package    
A2OS1 ACB + CPA + ER24, Single-site license Internet 2,950.00
A2OSM ACB + CPA + ER24, Multi-site license Internet 4,450.00
Handling costs (for non-prepaid orders)
Payment by electronic transfer of funds 25.00
Shipping & handling Region 1 (UK, Europe) 10.00
Shipping & handling Region 2 (Americas, Africa, Middle East, India) 20.00
Shipping & handling Region 3 (Asia, Australasia) 30.00
Shipping by DHL (all orders, up to 1kg) 60.00
  * for subscribers discontinuing online service after 12 months (this added fee ensures price compatibility for all ACB delivery formats)

All prices shown above are in Pounds Sterling (GBP). Mailing costs are included for all pre-paid (cash, cheque) orders, and include delivery (air mail) to anywhere in the world. Shipping and handling costs (shown at the bottom of the price list) will be added to the invoice for all billed and proforma orders. How to order.

Duplicate discounts are available only for purchases of multiple copies for use on the same site, and are not available to re-sellers. Contact Agranova Sales to discuss your requirements. For corporate information package deals, see the Agranova Alliance Service page.

To read Acrobat pdf files, the user will require Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader (the latter is a free download from

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